About Earth Mama

Cherie's passion for a natural birth experience for both Mother and Baby kick started after the C-Section birth of her son. Convinced the birth should not have taken its course led to several years of research which proved successful in a vaginal birth after C-Section. She went on to study with Rhea Dempsey to become a birth attendant / doula in Geelong, Surfcoast and the surrounding regions .
She firmly believes that with the necessary support and knowledge before birth that a birthing mother can achieve the birth she wishes.

I pride myself on the relationship with birthing women before and after birthing. As a Geelong Doula and Doula in Geelong working around in all models of care I find having a fantastic relationship helps when the time comes to actually birth.

Cherie is experienced with all kinds of birth options such as
  • Hospital births - Public and Private
  • C-Sections
  • Vaginal births post C-Section
  • Water births
  • Home births
  • Lotus births
  • Induction for medical reason
  • OBs and Midwives
  • Medicated and unmediated births
  • Rebozo

Earth Mama are a Geelong owned and operated company providing Doula and Birth Services to the Geelong, Surfcoast and surrounding regions.

Cherie specalises in Vbac births and a large percentage of clients are Vbac mamas , because of being a vbac mama herself she has a true understanding.

Being a Geelong Doula provides the opportunity for Cherie to already have a relationship with the midwives that you might work with in all hospitals or at home.

Cherie is also now offering Placenta Encapsulation for the Geelong and surrounding areas, if you would like to hire her  for Placenta Encapsulation, please contact her